Your calibre e-book library, on the go!

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Move your calibre e-book library to Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox and access the library through Calibre-go to browse, sort, search and download books on your mobile device.

Calibre-go supports multiple libraries across multiple Google and Dropbox accounts.



Follow steps to move your calibre library to Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.


Contacts permission

Calibre-go requires read only Contacts Permission to find your Google accounts on the device. A Google Account is required to connect to your Google Drive.

Your contacts are not read.

Write to external storage permission

Calibre-go requires access to device storage for downloading books to device.

OneDrive integration

These are known issues with OneDrive integration

  1. Only OneDrive for Personal accounts are supported. Also, only a single account OneDrive account is supported for now. That means you cannot switch to another OneDrive account.
  2. If you are facing sign-in issues with OneDrive or you can’t get past Progress bar while trying to add a library, please terminate the app by opening Recent Applications screen on your device and try again.
  3. In case your calibre library folder on OneDrive is not detected please retry. In case of an exception reported on the screen, please send us an email.


Which cloud services are supported?

Can I read my downloaded books with Calibre-go?

No. Calibre-go is not a reader app. There are already many beautifully functional reading application on Play Store that support a multitude of formats & features. Google Drive comes pre-integrated with most android phones and it has an integrated PDF reader. Same goes with Dropbox android application too. Calibre-go launches any of these apps for you when you try to open a book through Calibre-go.

Downloading multiple books at once?

There is currently no support for downloading multiple books at once because the intent of the application is to browse your library but download books only on demand when you need them. The device storage is constrained. Keeping all your books on device defeats the purpose of cloud integration. This is what we feel; though if there are enough demands for such a feature, we might go ahead with the implementation.

SD card support?

Not yet! That is still under development.

Have a suggestion?

Facing an issue or have a suggestion? Send us an email about the issue/problem you have. We are glad to hear from you and are committed towards making Calibre-go experience smoother. Please don’t start with negative ratings on Play store. Leave constructive criticism there. Drop us emails with your suggestions.